Kristan Higgins’ little helpers

Today on Fiction and Fur we have Kristan Higgins, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author and two-time winner of the Romance Writers of America RITA Award.

Does your pet help or hinder your writing progress?

MaddyMy mutt, Willow, is unaware that there even is a writing process. She views my office as the place we go so I can give her an uninterrupted tummy rub. The cat, however, is very helpful—he walks over the keyboard from time to time, and just the other day stepped on the “/” key so that my page count increased by nine pages. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Tell us a little about your latest release.

MaddyTHE BEST MAN is the story of Faith Holland, who returns home three years after her fiancé left her at the altar (he, uh, came out of the closet, which definitely put the kibosh on things). But Faith doesn’t blame Jeremy; instead, she holds Levi Cooper as the man responsible. He was Jeremy’s best man, and you think he could’ve said something, right? Wrong. Levi’s not really thrilled to have Faith back in town; as the local police chief, he’s got his hands quite full already, thanks. Besides, she always rubbed him the wrong way. But, as my cat would tell you, there’s a fine line between rubbing someone the wrong way, and getting that same person to purr. (Am I getting that right, Huck? What’s that? You need a snack? You bet, big guy. I live to serve.)

If your pet could talk, what secret would it tell us about you?

Willow would tell you that I always roll down the car windows so she can lean into the wind, that I know where all the itchy spots are, and that I eat too many Hershey Nuggets with Almonds when I’m tapping away at that little silver box. Huck would tell you…nope, not getting anything from him. He’s forgotten about me now that I’ve filled his bowl.

Kristan Higgins will give away a copy of UNTIL THERE WAS YOU to one lucky person who comments on this blog.


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  1. Kristan’s books are always great. They are full of laughs and the characters seem like people you would know. The Best Man is one of her best, in my opinion, the banter between Faith and Levi will just crack you up!!

  2. Love your post – it’s always fun to hear the secrets pets tell about us. Although I would love to win something FREE, I already have every one of your great books on my keeper shelf. So put some one else’s name in the hat for a real treat! Can’t wait for your next book, Kristan (although, I may have to buy an additional book shelf.)
    P.S. love your method for adding to the word count – makes me miss my kitty (but she’s up in kitty heaven chasing mice).

  3. You know how we wonder what cats are looking at for long periods, then they get squirrelly for no apparent reason? They probably think the same thing when they see us reading, like – “she’s just been sitting there doing nothing, and now she’s crying, laughing, etc.”

  4. Lorelei Lit Lair

    So glad to discover your page, Diane! I’m already the proud owner of Until There Was You, boy did that baby make me laugh, cry and sigh, as with all of Kristan’s stories. Love the pets perspective you give to your posts. The Best Man- sigh! I’m still not over Levi… ♥ Great story 😉

  5. My dogs, Cricket and Edgar Hansen, have aken a vowel of silence. What happens at home when we are alone, stays between us!!

  6. Love books with pets in them, can’t understand who wouldn’t. Our two dogs are like family. (They think they are human, let’s keep it a secret)

  7. My kitty would also walk across the keyboard when I was writing papers for school, although he would manage to hit the “delete” key rather than contribute to my page count.

  8. Judy Goodnight

    Kristan, I love the way you include animals in your stories. I sat & cried over the dog in Catch of the Day.

  9. I’m so grateful my dogs can’t talk to share my secrets! If they could they might just blab about the pack of m&m’s I have hidden way in the back of my freezer!

  10. brandy morrison

    My Cat Chai would tell you that I spend way TOO MUCH time with small, loudy, fast, grimy hand little humans.” Those would be her words. “And not enough time her highness, Chai-Tea.” My sweet LOVE-BUG SHORKIE (ShihTzu/Yorkie) would tell you….I’m mean because, I give Chai an ocassional can-kitty. But NO Ceasars for him. NEVER enough walks, or car rides.” Or cookies.” I sing too loud. on my favorite songs.” Read too MUCH!” Sleep in too late.” “Eat too many sweets.” Oh, and I NEVER let him bark.” “What’s up with that?”

  11. Kristan…. I adore your books!!! The Best Man was one of my all time favorites. Such a unique & wonderful story. I LOVE that all your books feature a furry character and lots of humor. Congrats on all your well deserved success!

  12. Great post! I so get the cat standing on the keyboard. Mine does the same thing!! The Best Man sounds awesome! Can’t wait to read it!

  13. Kristan, I love your books, my favorite is “Catch of the Day” with “The Best Man” running a close second. Periodically, I will re-read all of your books, while I wait for the next one to be released. I have 3 dogs, my Chihuahua, Dixie is a “velcro dog” (she sticks to me at all times) and she pins my arms when I am using the keyboard, not the same tactics as a cat but just as disruptive.

  14. Oh my goodness, everything Kristan says cracks me up. I love her.

  15. Love the post! Kristan had me laughing. She a great writer. The Best Man sounds like a great read. 🙂

  16. Thanks for popping by, gang! Dian will pick the winner and I’ll pop it in the mail whenever she tells me to. And thanks for all the lovely comments!

  17. Love this blog and Kristan, the comments on your pets. I think your dog has been talking to mine about the tummy rubs in the office.

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