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Maggie Robinson’s furry friend

Today on Fiction and Fur we have Maggie Robinson, best-selling author of hot historical novels by Berkley and Kensington. Join me in welcoming Maggie.

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FitzAfter failing to have our heads examined, my husband and I just adopted a mostly Border Collie who’s about 9 months old now. We always had pets when the kids were home, but the kids are all grown with kids and pets of their own. It seems the granddogs and grandcat were insufficient, and now we have shed dog hair of our very own all over the house.

Does your pet help or hinder your writing progress?

There is an old leather chesterfield sofa right next to my desk chair. Fitz calls it “his” sofa. You can see him on its back playing peek-a-boo with the lace curtain in one of the pictures. In the other, he’s proudly guarding the holes he’s dug after eating my showy irises. He climbs on the arm in an attempt to get on my lap when I’m typing, which so far I have rebuffed–he’s too big to be a lap dog, though he doesn’t seem to know that. He then curls himself up on the sofa and sighs dramatically at my rejection, still keeping me company at the keyboard. I get up very early and try to write straight until noon, after which I try to live life.

Tell us a little about your latest release.

In the Arms of the Heiress debuts July 2! Here’s the back cover blurb:
It’s all fun and games until someone falls in love…
Independent heiress Louisa Stratton is going home to Rosemont for the holidays, and at the family’s request, she’s bringing her new husband—Maximillian Norwich, art connoisseur and artful lover, the man she’s written of so glowingly. There’s one hitch—he doesn’t exist. Louisa needs a fake husband, and fast, to make the proper impression.

Charles Cooper, captain of the Boer War and far from silver spoons or gilded cages, is so hard up that even this crazy scheme appeals to him. It’s only thirty days, not till death do them part. What’s so difficult about impersonating a husband, even if he doesn’t know a Rembrandt from a Rousseau?

The true difficulty is keeping his hands off Louisa once there’s nobody around to see their ruse. And then there’s the small problem of someone at Rosemont trying to kill him. Keeping his wits about him and protecting Louisa brings out the honor he thought he’d left on the battlefield. But when Louisa tries to protect him, Charles knows he’s found a way to face his future—in the arms of his heiress.

Summer2013TourI also have another book, Lady Anne’s Lover, out on July 30. So it will be a busy month for me and I hope I keep the characters straight. It’s pretty strange, cause both books feature heiresses and wounded soldiers–the books were written two years apart and set a century apart, but they’re being published within weeks of each other, LOL.

If your pet could talk, what secret would it tell us about you?

He would say I have a heart of marshmallow and no standards of housekeeping. Where’s the vacuum? Look at the dog hair!

Maggie Robinson will give away a copy of IN THE ARMS OF THE HEIRESS to one lucky person who comments on this blog.

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